The PPC Notes was the premier newsletter of TI calculator enthusiasts in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Volumes 1 through 4, which are actually named "52 Notes" were published by Richard Vanderburgh. Volumes 5 through 7 were published by Maurice Swinnen. Later volumes were published by Palmer Hanson, who kindly gave his permission to post these newsletters here.

Back issues of the PPC Notes are still available directly from Palmer Hanson. Write to:

Palmer Hanson
2149 14th Avenue SW
Largo FL 33770-4750

The issues that appear here remain the copyrighted property of their original publishers and authors. Copying and/or further redistribution without the copyright holders' permission is prohibited.

52 Notes

NEW!Some issues are now available in full-text form,
courtesy of Izabele Grausliene and Robert Prins.
These issues also have a full index. Or, download
the entire archive by right-clicking this link.

PPC Notes