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RSKEY.ORG is a site dedicated to the history of programmable handheld calculators. The site is owned and operated by Viktor T. Toth.

The meaning of the [R/S] logo

The logo I have chosen for this Web site is one of the most commonly used keys on programmable calculators. The [R/S] key, or Run/Stop key, is used to start a program, or to stop a running program. Some calculators have a button with identical or similar functionality, but a different label: [RUN], [HALT], [COMP], [STOP] are among the more commonly used alternate labels.

[under construction]Still to Come

Content that I plan to add, time permitting (yes, I know, some of these promises are years old but that does not mean that I've given up).

  • Repairing TI card readers - Trouble is, none of the methods I tried so far are sufficiently reliable.
  • Corrosion repair
  • Electronic repair - Until then, please visit my little knowledge base of repair tips and findings.
  • Alternative power sources

Missing Models

Have you come across an old programmable calculator that you no longer need? It may be just the one still missing from my collection.

Items for Sale

Please visit my garage sale of surplus calculators that you can purchase online using PAYPAL.


Operating a "virtual museum" is a time consuming exercise. Costly, too; vintage electronic calculators are increasingly recognized as collectibles, and what used to be easy to find for a few dollars in a thrift store a few years back may fetch hundreds of dollars on eBay nowadays. If you believe that the service provided by RSKEY.ORG deserves your support, you are invited to contribute. One way to do so is through the PAYPAL online payment service:

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Note: If you come across any old programmable calculators in your desk drawer and you don't plan on retiring from the proceeds by offering them for auction at eBay, please send me e-mail at vttoth@vttoth.com; I'd gladly pay the postage and provide the unit with a loving new home.

Privacy policy

This is a personal hobby site. This notice is here because Facebook wants it, but I do not store user data. You may be able to post messages through the Facebook Joomla! plugin, but I do not collect, I do not process, nor am I otherwise privy to, or interested in, your personal information.

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