There's a horrible epidemic that is taking a toll on software installations. It's called versionitis: The unwelcome, but necessary, upgrades that consume an awful lot of time, cause a lot of frustration and ultimately, even break features.

Versionitis recently attacked That is to say, the content management system we use, Joomla, has a new version (well, it's been around for years really) and as a result, the version we've been using, Joomla 3, is going out of support. And on the Interwebs, we cannot have public-facing software that is unsupported by security fixes. Hence the mandatory upgrade.

Unfortunately, it broke at least one feature: Our ability to link articles to Facebook, using a Facebook plugin to let users "like" calculators or post comments.

Oh well, the feature was not used much anyway, but I still regret that we lost it. Perhaps one day I'll be able to bring it back in some shape or form, but for now, my next major project will be (if I ever get around to getting it done) an upgrade of the visual appearance of the site, to make it more compatible with small-screen mobile devices.

Anyhow, expect glitches: this upgrade was complex and chances are there are still some rough edges, resulting in broken links or other errors.